02/27/2018 - Coffee machine specialist celebrates two-figure growth yet again

Niederbuchsiten, 27 February 2018 – With its headquarters in Niederbuchsiten, Switzerland, JURA Elektroapparate AG continued to write its successful growth story in 2017. The company sold 366 000 automatic speciality coffee machines last year. This is up 45 000 on the previous year, representing an increase of 14 % in the number of units sold. JURA also recorded similarly strong growth in turnover, rising to reach CHF 480 million in 2017. ‘Our growth was driven by successful sales of two products from the current automatic coffee machine range, globally thriving JURA markets and the outstanding framework conditions created by the global economic recovery and stable exchange rates,’ CEO Emanuel Probst told the assembled media at the press conference at JURA's headquarters. For the current year, all the signs are once again pointing to success. In 2018 JURA is aiming to achieve further growth.


Business development











Revenue of the JURA Group in mill. CHF



Share of revenue: Europe

80 %

79 %

Share of revenue: Rest of World

20 %

21 %


Number of automatic coffee machines








Full-time positions - Group



Full-time positions - Switzerland (including 26 trainees)



36.6 %


36.0 %

Full-time positions - international



63.4 %


64.0 %

*) provisional figures


Growth factors in 2017

The most successful product launch in JURA's history being achieved with the E8/E800 and the victory secured by the J6 at the Stiftung Warentest in Germany were reflected in the significant increase in sales figures. Other significant contributing factors to the impressive results included the market introduction of product innovations like the S8 for domestic settings and the rugged and reliable X line for office and professional environments. JURA sold 366 000 coffee machines, or 45 000 more units than in 2016. At CHF 480 million, consolidated turnover in 2017 exceeded that of the previous year by 14 %. Alongside a strong range of products, recovery in the global economy and exchange rates working our favour were also contributing factors. JURA markets are thriving the world over. Emanuel Probst explains in more detail: ‘Once again we are seeing strong growth on our key markets in Europe. This is boosted by emerging markets such as eastern Europe, Scandinavia and Australia, where we are also seeing significant momentum.’

Another factor in the Swiss company’s success is investments in a stronger presence at the point of sale. A new and functional POS concept is adding an even more professional touch to the expertise that is available at points of sale. JURA LIVE, the live support feature with a direct connection to experts at JURA headquarters, is a significant feature.

Hospitality of the future: New-look service reception

During the spring of 2017, unconventional ways of thinking, perfected workflows and innovative services heralded the dawn of a new era in the Glass Service Center in Niederbuchsiten. Excellent service is deeply rooted in JURA's company DNA. Whether in the form of the innovative concierge service, which will pick up customers and their coffee machines from the car park, individual diagnostic programmes in one of our modern and functional diagnostic pods or the illuminated shelf on which the coffee machines are displayed like brandnew machines once service work has been completed – the shining example set at JURA headquarters is then exported to the rest of the big wide world. The Service Center at company headquarters, which opened in 2003 and is constantly undergoing development, provides the inspiration for all JURA Hospitality Centers the world over.

JURA and Roger Federer – The perfect match

In the autumn, JURA embarked on a new PR campaign to support the launch of the S8, the first product in a new premium mid-segment range. In the campaign, the new S8 takes centre stage alongside Roger Federer. The surprising story focuses on the idea of perfect coffee results at the touch of a button and shows how ultimate speciality coffees are prepared at JURA: freshly ground, not capsuled. Roger Federer has been a brand ambassador for JURA since 2006. Our collaboration is based on common values including Swiss origin, hard work, precision, quality, elegance and the pursuit of perfection. At the opening ceremony for our new headquarters at JURA Australia in Melbourne, King Roger revealed, with a twinkle in his eye: ‘JURA coffee is the secret behind my success.’ His 20th Grand Slam victory and regaining of the world number 1 slot shortly afterwards speak volumes …

Outlook for 2018

JURA is about to celebrate a significant milestone: this spring will see the 5 millionth automatic coffee machine roll off the production line. And there are plenty of new products in the pipeline. Emanuel Probst tells us more: ‘Work is already in full swing to launch a new micro automatic coffee machine for domestic use and the GIGA X8, our top-of-the-range machine for professional use.’ The company is also committed to the professionalisation of its global points of sale. A JURA Store is due to open in Hamburg later this year, for example. The opening of a JURA subsidiary in Johannesburg means that the coffee machine specialist now has a presence on five continents. This marks another step forward in establishing the brand globally. Two new Service Centers and three new Hospitality Centers are on the agenda for 2018. There will also be more to look forward to from the PR collaboration with Roger Federer, who likes his speciality coffees exactly as they are prepared by JURA's automatic coffee machines: ‘Freshly ground, not capsuled’.